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From Yelp:

  • “LOVE the traditional gyro here! I sometimes crave it.  I’d rather get it to-go and avoid the sometimes less than pleasant service though! Prices are decent too!” – Christina B.
  • “Just love this place! Gyros are always great here!” – Michael R.
  • “The first time I had a gyro here I wasn’t sure what in the world it was or how to pronounce it!! Now I’m hooked… this stuff is amazing! The traditional is the best I recommend getting extra tzatziki sauce because tzatziki sauce is delicious, and if your a big fat fatty like myself….. EXTRA MEAT!!! and its only $1.50.The fries are basically an entire potato coiled and deep fried! Humas dip it served up well prepared with grilled pita bread…. wait… Im going there now, Ive made myself hungry!” – Chris B.
  • “One of my favorite places to study. As far as the cuisine, it’s not too shabby… I do find myself craving it from time to time.  The fries are greasy, but they are literally cut from the potato right before they are dumped into the grease, so I suppose that’s neat.  Mostly great staff but I’ve gotten a couple of duds too.  All in all a great place to get a cheap gyro fix.” – Chad B.

From Zomato:

  • “Love their hummus app. Great gyros. My fav.” – Danielle
  • “Feta sauce is to die for!!!” – Stacey
  • “Always a tasty meal! Order the feta dressing on the side to dip your fries

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    in……wow, it takes the food to a whole new level!” – The Crew

  • “Best gyro you’ll ever eat. Ever.” – Peevy

From TripAdvisor:

  • “Great Deals! This place is a great place to have a yummy Gyro. We visit this restaurant numerous times to enjoy their specials on Gyros!” – TheJohnsonsInPC
  • “We eat here frequently and always enjoy the food. It’s cooked to order and always served hot. Very economically priced and a great value.” – Robert G.
  • “I have been a customer of this restaurant for many years. The place is cleaner than most, offers a great variety of foods, and in my opinion, one of the best casual eateries around. The service is always friendly, the food is very consistent, and it is all way above average. I do find the pricing to be a little high, but there are usually coupons available and they usually run a daily special that is affordable. On Thursdays, they feature a special price on their “Two Can Dine” and it’s my favorite time to go there.” – P.T.

From Google Reviews:

  • “I could eat here all day, every day for the rest of my life and be very happy! The staff knows each of my family members by name. The place is so clean you would feel that eating in the restroom could be a possibility. No matter how you pronounce it everyone understands the pleasure of a wonderful, delicious meal. From homemade fresh cut seasoned curly fries to the very crisp and fresh salads whatever you order you will not be disappointed. Don’t forget the extra feta!!!! -Dan Smith
  • “Went today for lunch at apparently the busiest time of day…place was full, but we never once felt stressed or rushed to finish our meal. Staff was working hard, but still kept the meal a pleasure surroundings. Gyro was good and curly flies were sublime in their simplicity….but the real star was the baklava…awesome.If we lived in the area, this would be a regular stop as it is apparently already for so many in the area. -Kevin Wright
  • “I’ve been going over 10 years since they’ve opened. I’ve ordered 2 traditionals w/ xtra “Z” on the side every time. This is one of my FAV spots to eat in town. They know me by name and have a rewards club you can join that saves you a ton of money. If you’ve never had a gyro before you NEED to go here.

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